Ever since childhood we have grown accustomed to finding the familiar in unexpected places. A funny shaped cloud that reminds us of an animal. A pebble on the beach in the shape of a heart. A mountainside that resembles a face. Each one of us has our own list of findings we remember and, a longer list we have forgotten. Yet each time we find something new, it stirs our emotions. We are rocketed back to childhood when we saw such things for the first time. This was a time when we did not know where to expect things or not. Observe the excitement of a child as the impression of leaf emerges from behind a blank sheet of paper she rubs a crayon over it? Discovery, as the familiar starts to reveal itself. Curiosity, as the child ponders on how it got there. And pride, as she rushes to show off her new find to friends and family. As we sail up and down the surface of the sea we are like the child with the crayon. Each passage across our watery canvas bringing new data that will eventually reveal what lies beneath. Amongst the myriad of features on the seabed it is no surprise that our eyes make connections to the familiar on more than a few occasions. In this chapter we share some of our favourite curiosities from around the world that have been revealed using acoustic mapping. These are the images which capture our imagination … ‘see, it looks like a..’; or does it? We may not always agree on what the image reminds us of, or indeed whether it reminds of anything at all. Nevertheless these are often the images we rush to show our colleagues, friends and family; those that spark a discussion; those that re-inspire us in our day-to-day work. These are the images that have evoked that exciting mix of emotions we can collectively call wonder