The Bird’s Head

The bird's head.
The Bird’s Head



The Bird’s Head


The complex geological processes shaping the seabed at Iverryggen, Norway have resulted in this spectacular structure, bearing an uncanny
resemblance to a bird’s head which was revealed by multibeam data in 2012. The head, a pointed beak and even the detail of an eye have been moulded and carved out over geological time.

Iceberg ploughmarks ruffle the feathers of the bird’s head, while drumlin fields suggest a softer texture on her neck. Biology has also played its role – adorning the bird with stony coral reefs along her beak. A wonderful natural seabed sculpture, curiously reflecting the birds flying above the waves each day.

Depth range
150 – 280 metres
9° 15’ 22” E, 64° 59’ 46” N
UTM 33N (WGS 84)
Data acquisition
Norwegian Hydrographic Service
Survey year
Acoustic system
Kongsberg EM710
multibeam echosounder
Bathymetric data processing software
Kongsberg Neptune
Grid resolution
5 metres
Image production
Øyvind Tappel, Norwegian Hydrographic Service, Kongsberg Neptune.
Image caption
Margaret Dolan, Geological Survey of Norway